If you have a passion for photography and a keen eye for capturing African Big Cats in their natural habitats then Tanz-Africa Adventures one of Photographic Safaris Company based in Tanzania it will be perfect choose for you.

Travelling with your own private guide, each photographic safari will give you the maximum opportunity to get up close to nature & capture the African Big Cats. Our well trained and experience guides will lead you to the best location in which you can capture African Big Cats images.

The best times for this program is from August to September, where by predators are easy to be sported in water souses. In this dry season the herbivores are feed on the dry grasses then after having high demand of water, so this water catchment become very potential for predators getting easy prey due to the concentration of animals which are come to drink.

Also in dry season grasses are shorter compared to wet season which simplify predators spotting.

The Itinerary can be Converted depending on customer needs.