With over 120 resident different tribes in Tanzania, cultural tourism safaris will offers a sufficiently local history and colour to be found in all tourist destination areas of Tanzania.

7 Day Cultural safari was designed for the traveller with an adventurous spirit, seeking an intimate experience in the African culture, but also still taking advantage of enjoying a wildlife safari

Possibly the best-known tribes in Tanzania are Maasai, victors of Nilotic pastoralist tribal. The Maasai tribe (or Masai) is a unique and popular tribe due to their long preserved culture. Despite education, civilization and western cultural influences, the Maasai people have clung to their traditional way of life, making them a symbolic culture, Maasai’s distinctive culture, dress style and strategic territory along the game parks of Tanzania and Ngorongoro Conservation Area. And have made them one of East Africa’s most internationally famous tourist attractions.

Also the people with longest history and most anciently traditional are the Hadzabe’ (hunter-gatherer Bushmen, now settled around lake Eyasi in the north Tanzania and conducting their traditional lifestyle as closer to their traditional way of living.

The Datoga the pastoralists are also skilled silversmith’s who live near the Hadza and supply them with iron tips, knives and spears in exchange for honey and fruits. Their origins are the Horn of Africa thought to have immigrated some 3,000 years ago. They wear traditional dress decorated in coloured beads and the women often have facial scarification for beauty.

With Tanz-Africa Adventure you can able to explore the number of cultural program which are always conducted in to the villages.

The Itinerary can be Converted depending on customer needs