Kikuletwa Hot Spring

Spend your day by visiting Kikuletwa Hot springs for swimming in a natural swimming pool while waiting for our delicious barbeque at a typical cool environment with your friends.
The drive from Arusha to Kikuletwa Hot Springs will start on paved road toward Kilimanjaro, before turning right onto gravel road about 30 minutes later. The road will take you thru gorgeous African country side past bush land, dry riverbeds, and baobab and acacia trees among many others. This vast area, which used to be a hunting ground for Europeans during the 1800s, is now home to members of many different tribes, peacefully co-existing as neighbors. Although the game has long since migrated, it is still a haven to many animal species, including a variety of birds. When you reach Kikuletwa it will appear as an oasis surrounded by sprawling fig trees, in the middle of this semi-arid landscape. You will see crystal clear water bubbling from underground caves, giving the impression that it is boiling, hence the name “Hot springs”.
The water is perfectly refreshing and if you brought your bathing suit, this is your time to take a dip and relax in the shade of the trees.
For those who are
interested in village walk we have prepared a wonderful village walk to explore the Rundugai village while learning their lifestyle including traditional mid wife and herbalist who serves as village local physician, visiting the banana beer bar. The walking will be extended to the hot springs via the farms fields where you will be surprised on how agriculture acts as a main source of income in this dry village { walking Via Farm Fields to the hot springs will take 2hrs to 2:30hrs}
Finally You will had to the Hot springs for swimming, relaxing .After a picnic lunch we will start making our way back to Arusha via back gravel roads, taking you past the mount Meru rain forest 2h minutes prior to arriving back in late afternoon.
• Game drives
• springs for swimming in a natural swimming pool
• Walking safaris
• Local food and delicious barbeque